The Regulation on the Competition
Moscow International Competition of Saxophone Players "SAXOTONE"
The competition was postponed to November 2020. Stay tuned
The International Competition of Saxophonists (further Competition) is established for the purpose of maintenance of high level of domestic performing culture, promotion of music of domestic and foreign composers, and also augmentation of traditions of musically-pedagogical and performing schools of saxophone players.

Goals and objectives
- identification of talented saxophonist performers;
- promotion of the creative potential of young musicians;
- increase of musical-aesthetic and intellectual-creative level of pupils, students and teachers;
- familiarization with the best works of traditional and modern composers, enriching the repertoire of the saxophone players;
- promotion of progressive methods of musical pedagogy by teaching saxophone in secondary and higher professional educational organizations of culture and art and organizations of additional education for children;
- exchange of experience and improvement of the level of qualification of teachers of the above mentioned institutions;
- strengthening of creative contacts between younger students and students of secondary professional educational organizations, as well as creative ties between students and performers.
The Founders of the Competition
Moscow city Music Methodical Department
Organizers of the Competition
Moscow State Department of Pre-school Education (GBUDO Moscow)
"Children's Music School named after Ludwig van Beethoven»
Moscow Music Methodical Department
Place and time of the Competition
The Competition will be held from 23 to 27 March 2020 on the basis of the Moscow State Department of Pre-school Education "Children's Music School named after Ludwig van Beethoven"
Address: Moscow, Bolshoy Mogiltsevsky pereulok, 4-6.
The detailed schedule of the Competition will be formed as the main number of applications is received.
Terms and Procedure of the Competition
Students of Children's Culture and Art educational organizations of additional education, students of secondary and higher professional music educational organizations are allowed to participate in the Competition. The age of participants in the nomination "SAXOPHONE" - up to 26 years as of on the opening date of the Competition. Age of participants in the nominations "VENOVA" and "SAXOPHONE ENSEMBLE" - without limit. The Competition is open to saxophonists of all countries and nationalities. The order of performances is determined by drawing lots. The order of performances remains until the end of the Competition. No more than six participants of each age group are allowed to the second round. The contestants arrive at the Competition with their concertmaster. The Organizing Committee of the Competition can provide the concertmaster on a paid basis by prior request from the participant.
Age groups of solo participants
The age of participant in full years is determined as of the starting date of the Competition – 23rd of March 2020.
- younger age group - up to 13 years;
- middle age group-from 14 to 17 years;
- senior age group - from 18 to 26 years.
The participants may apply to participate in the group older than their age on their own. However, in this case their performance will be evaluated on an equal footing with the rest of the participants, without advantages.

Jury of the Competition
The Jury consists of the leading musicians, representatives of the teaching staff of specialized secondary and higher music and art professional educational organizations of Russia and the world.
The Jury has the right to:
- award not all diplomas or to divide places between participants;
- award diplomas for the best performance of individual music piece of the program;
- award special diplomas and prizes;
The decision of the Jury is not subject to revision.
Evaluation of the performance, the distribution of winners is carried out as a result of discussion and putting points by each Member of the Jury according to the nomination evaluation criterion for each candidate. The results of the Competition are placed in print on the website:
Evaluation criterion
- Level of technical skill;
- Emotional and artistic expressiveness of performance;
- The persuasiveness of the interpretation;
- Performance skills, professionalism;
- Stage image of the participant;
- Individualism and personal attitude to the performed works;
- The artistry and the level of stage culture.
At the awards ceremony, magnificent saxophones from YAMAHA will be presented to the most distinguished winners by the decision of the Jury. YAMAHA is one of the best saxophone manufacturers, which, unlike others, has a full line of instruments - from entry-level to professional.

Professional stylish accessories for the music instruments from D'ADDARIO Woodwinds company and Certificates for the services of the Music Studio "Vel" will also be among the prizes. Other attractive gifts from our partners are waiting for the participants.

All participants, laureates and winners will receive Commemorative Diplomas, participating teachers and concertmasters – will get special Letters of thanks.
Financial Conditions
For participants the organizational entry fee is envisaged in size of 3500 rubles. Paying organizational fee on the day of registration upon arrival to the Competition is possible only if agreed in advance. Contestants in the nomination "Saxophone Quartet " pay organizational fee in the amount of 5,000 rubles for all 4 participants.
Expenses related to travel, meals, stay at the Competition, accommodation of Participants are borne by the sending organizations or the participants themselves. Foreign participants of the Competition apply for the entry visa to the territory of the Russian Federation and other documents by themselves.
Only full payment 100% of the amount at a time is accepted. The fee is transferred to the account of the Organizers upon the details given below in the period up to 20.02.2020
If participation in the Competition is paid by the educational institution, please contact the Organizers at to obtain an Individual Payment Agreement.
In case of refusal to participate in the Competition, the entry fee is not refundable.

Procedure for Documents Submission

Deadline for Documents Submission on participation is until 20.02.2020 (inclusive).
Please contact us for any questions related to the Competition:
or by phone +79262540001

Kompaneets Alexander
OGRNIP: 311774630401976
TIN: 772973630244
Account no.: 40802810338120002243
Bank: JSC Sberbank of Russia branch 9038/01700
BIC: 044525225
K / s no.: 30101810400000000225
to the OPERA of the Moscow state technical University of the Bank of Russia
To participate in the Competition you are required to:
- Send a preliminary request on the website
- Send to the address the following documents:
1. Filled in Application form;
2. A copy of the payment transfer;
3. Scan of the birth certificate or passport of the participant;
4. High quality waist-sized photo of the participant - for the booklet.
Documents should be sent in full. Incomplete sets of documents are not considered.
Contacts and details
Follow up the latest information on the Competition website
Moscow, Bolshoi Mogiltsevsky pereulok., 4-6
for questions related to competitive applications
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